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The KaaDiki face T-Shirt was born in the fall of 2012. The KaaDiki face depicts the face of the designer himself, and has the similar features. The concept was created to give the customer a more unique T-Shirt with stylish features. They have contrasting Topstitching in either red or black, single pin tuck at the centre of the back of the T-Shirt, with scooped hems. The face is stitched to the front of the T-Shirt and not silk screened this gives the shirt a rich look. The mustaches, eyes, and some of the faces are made from Italian lambskin.

The KaaDiki Face T-Shirt has become a very sought after T-Shirt. When KaaDiki unveiled it in Europe at a trade show, it was met with tremendous success and popularity. It can be found on the shelves of German Boutique stores and in our online store.

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We are a Calgary based fashion design business with an international influence. KaaDiki is happy to announce that Very soon we will have a larger presence in Germany.

Manufacturing is done here and in the EU, to assure quality.


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